Do your best to get rid of all of the tiles!

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your cube.

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AuthorYodahe Games


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Really like this game! The simple atmosphere is great i love the tinking sounds the blocks make when they move. I was wondering what music did you use for this project?

Tilted Tiles Walkthrought


Cool video. I like that it also shows how many levels there are. I was stuck at level 14, and then I though idk if I want to continue playing, maybe there are 15 levels but maybe there are 50 or 100 levels in total. Knowing there are 31 levels is useful, because then the player knows how much more difficult the levels will get.

one menu is missing.

there is no back button.

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Saw this at CoolMathGames, awesome game. I'm stuck at this level (9?), is it even possible?

oo    ooo
oo    ooo
oo    ooo
o  ooooo
oo Xo 
ooo ooX

(also pls nr ur lvls more clearly) EDIT: omg just got it it starts LLL 😅


Glad you figured out the level! And yeah, I'll definitely add numbers to the levels